SDGs, ESG & Social Impact

The term social business (also called social entrepreneurship) was coined by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Muhammad Yunus. He defines social business as a business «which objective is to solve social, economic and environmental issues affecting humanity: hunger, homelessness, illness, pollution, ignorance,…”.

The business is financially self-sufficient. Yunus sees social business, as an alternative and potentially more useful way for philanthropists to place their money: Rather than making a one-time donation, they can invest in viable businesses generating recurring benefits.

Impact Investing is an investing strategy that aims to generate positive social and/or environmental effects in addition to financial gains. Investors unleash the power of capital for good to address some of the greatest challenges of our time – from poverty reduction, health care and education to climate change and access to clean water. The term impact investing was coined in 2007 and the market is growing tremedously. In 2020, the GIIN published the 2020 Annual Impact Investors survey, which estimates the current market size at USD 715 billion.

YESS Impact support social entrepreneurs worldwide though three pillars:

1) Expert advice & training
2) Finances and investment (e.g. connecting them with impact investors)
3) Network
A special focus is put on female entrepreneurs who often face specific challenges such as gender bias and less access to finances.

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Prof. Muhammad Yunus and YESS Impact’s Director Luise Ammerschuber
Luise Ammerschuber at the NZZ Top 100 in Impact Finance event with Philipp Mueller (CEO at BlueOrchard Finance Ltd), Leo Johnson (Disruption Lead at PwC), Edmund Wandeler (Sales Director at BMO Global Asset Management (EMEA)), Andrew Douglas, CFA (Institutional Programs Manager at CSP.
Impact Measurement for Impact Investing Workshop for banks, investors and others (collaboration of YESS Impact and Galileo, speaker: Luise Ammerschuber)

Accountability & Good Governance

Billions are lost annually due to corruption and mismanagement in social impact projects and development cooperation. Solid systems and transparency are crucial to counteract these challanges.

YESS Impact thus proactively works with major clients around the globe to improve governance and accountability. For an organisation this can be both for their projects and programs as well as their organisational functioning.

Guide Book Complaint Mechanisms:


Gender Empowerment

Supporting female entrepreneurs
and business women

Only 2% of Venture Capital Funding goes to Women in Europe. In Africa it was 7% in 2021.

12,9% of business angels in Germany are women. As only 2% of venture capital goes to female founders in Europe (in spite of being 18% of founders) and women invest more in fellow women, let’s strive for more female investors!

• Support for female entrepreneurs around the world (link to entrepreneurship)

• Skills Training, e.g. Women & Negotiation Event with Matthias Schranner

• Community building

Prevention of Sexual Exploitation,
Abuse and Harassment

Luise Ammerschuber has co-written the training manual prevention of sexual abuse for the KoGe Association alongside YESS Impact Associate and gender expert Iris Mushitsi