From implementing the SDGs to enhancing your ESG performance, the needs of corporations and organisations today or diverse. YESS Impact is your ideal go to contact, for advisory and consulting on topics regarding the SDGs, social business and ESG.

Keynote Speech at TechQuartier Frankfurt

Keynote Speaker

Luise Ammerschuber, Director and Founder, of YESS Impact, is a popular speaker at events, conferences and expert gatherings around the world. Her expertise includes keynotes and regular speeches, both live events, online and hybrid occasions. Her next speeches will be TEDxZurich and at ETH for an audience of 1200 people. Would you like to book her for your event?

Custom-made impact projects

YESS Impact is advising clients in setting up their own custom-made impact project to work towards the SDGs. No matter if your interest in poverty alleviation, entrepreneurship, education, health or another need, a suitable project can be created.

You can see examples of existing YESS Impact projects in the projects section.

Workshops & Moderation

You need a workshop for your team, leadership or partners? YESS Impact has organized and facilitated workshops around the globe on a variety of topics in the key domains:

  • Social business and impact investing
  • Accountability and good governance
  • Gender empowerment

Workshops can range from a short online session to several days of in-person training.

Get in contact to discuss your needs:

Guidelines and other key documents

Luise Ammerschuber is the co-author of several guide books and other key documents of organisatons and corporations.

Examples include:
• Policies
• Guidelines
• Brochures
• Checklists

Get in contact do discuss which document could be of value to you.