Tailoring machines in Uganda: The rent-to-own approach

Tailoring cloths is a popular skill and a great source of income in Uganda, a country full of vibrant colors in its cloths. It is a skill that can be practiced full time or a as a side job next to other duties and allows the tailor to move into other areas, too.

YESS Impast has invested in tailoring machines which serve two purposes:

  • Tailoring training of people
  • Rent-to-own model

The project is structured as a social business: The tailoring machines are managed by a local committee. Many people get trained for free and can after that rent the machines at a small monthly rate.

Once the purchasing price is paid of including a small interest, the machine belongs to the tailor. The tailor is then free to rent it out to others, use it themselves, employ someone or sell it if needed. The interest paid can be repaid to the initial investor and/or used for repairs of the machines and to grow the project.

Inauguration of some of the new tailoring machines