Blockchain for Social Impact

In 2020, the project “Blockchain for Social Impact” by YESS Impact and Goose & Goose was started with the aim to explore innovative application models of blockchain to solve some of the world’s key problems.

Blockchain has outstanding potential to increase transparency, efficiency and accountability in the social impact and impact investment sector.

The project was kicked off with a first presentation at SEBA Bank, the world’s first licensed and supervised Bank combining the new financial world of digital assets with traditional banking. The international audience included a great representation from investors, blockchain companies and impact organisations etc. As part of the project, several events have taken place, highlighting prime examples of blockchain application to societal problems around the world are and a paper will be published in 2022.

In light of the blockchain events, several actors got together with YESS Impact to initiate a blockchain project in rural Uganda. As a local implementing partner, a well established partner organisation of YESS Impact was selected, with whom several successful projects are already running. Click here to find out more about the project:

The blockchain speaker series has taken place at many conferences and stages, including at TechQuartier and the Impact Festival 2021.

Sunset Event - Blockchain Technology for Social Impact
Sustainable Development & Blockchain Presentation at TechQuartier